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How to use cable wire stripping machine
时间:2023-12-27 来源:Yueqing Kaishipu

1, hit the cable stripper switch, power indicator to start using it.

2, focusing on the inside and outside of the machine no obvious abnormal sound, if there is a pause in the operation must be stopped, please maintenance personnel to determine whether the need for repair.

3, carefully selected knife: operated by designated personnel, must be hand than the blade of the support tool, the contrast in the knife is correct, the knife is completed, you must use the manual test, first of all, turn off the power terminal machine, press the button, use a special wrench to shake the slave pulley terminal machine, stamping stroke maximum, such as the hand does not move, and then consider whether the excessive pressure or other problems, check and debugging well. In the lock screws, check accordingly and confirm that there is no need to loosen.

4, pay attention to charging: the need to hit the terminal equipment, hexagonal wrench to adjust the use of feeder plate, making the terminal can be easily passed, whether to send the appropriate visual material position, if not, adjust, use the hexagonal plate hand to loosen the locking screw feeder, dynamically adjusting the diameter of the screw rod adjustment until the best, and then lock the machine locking screws to start the action.

5, tensile testing machine: Well, put the waste line test hit when the tensile test, look at the "pull test bench" the specific operation method is as follows the main reference value, will be zero key zero tension test, terminal line test clamps, test, if the measured tensile force is not in the standard range, please maintenance personnel to adjust until it reaches the standard value.

6, the production of 10 pieces sent to IPQC first piece of confirmation, can be checked, can be mass production, in the terminal operator in the production process must check whether there is a plastic bag, hanging and other bad, every 1 hour a terminal tensile test.